Urban Fantasy

So… for the folks who like blogs better…

The one big advantage of a blog is that the writer can talk to her readers…

Well, the TWO big advantages of a blog are that the writer can talk to her readers (though email is really better for that, because then her readers can talk back to her, too…)

AAAAND that the writer has a place to start linking to¬† give-aways¬† down the line when the books are about ready to go live…

Well, and that you (if you’re me) can offer a link where folks can sign up for your urban fantasy reader list emails, and where folks like you (actually you, this time) can send your urban-fantasy-reading friends, so that more readers can join the fun.

Once I get close to launching (which is still a LONG way off, since I still have four more novels to write, and I’m fast, but not that fast), I’ll start doing some sneak peeks of material, and putting together some cool Early Reader stuff.

For now… you have a place to send friends that you know read UF, if you think they might be interested in reading me.

And then they can join the conversation, too.